Senior Designer

Since graduating in 2006, Angela has worked for top global design agencies including: GREY group Shanghai, MiLK X magazine, MRKT and Campbell Rigg design UK. Her design work for AQUA, women’s bags, has been recognised by the prestigious China Design Professionals. Currently she is engaged in many varied projects for the HBA Graphic Studio, specifically visual graphic design, signage, way finding and packaging for luxury hospitality clients. Angela’s approach is to listen, observe, understand, and then create original and effective design solutions.

Senior Designer

Having graduated with a first class honours degree from a renowned design university, Aliah embarked on her creative career at a leading strategic brand and identity consultant. She conceptualises, develops and oversees the strategic branding process for clients to ensure that a solid foundation is laid down, upon which to build durable, award winning brands and design solutions. At HBA, she cherishes the opportunity to showcase her talent and to impart her creative knowledge to fresh designers. Aliah is constantly open to new ideas, inspirations and people.

Project Director

Chris Loeffen possesses a Bachelor of Communication degree in International Communication and Media from the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, The Netherlands. With a meticulous attention to detail and thorough understanding of the flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, Chris has planned innumerate wayfinding strategies and has proven to be a valuable asset to The HBA Graphic Studio managing project deliverables and schedules, maintaining close and open lines of communication with his clients.

Director of Graphics, Asia

Aubrey has recently joined HBA in January 2013, after a very successful career in London, England. Having run his own businesses since 1991 he has a great wealth of experience managing projects both large and small, and for a variety of clients. As a highly creative and strategic thinker Aubrey was trained in the traditional graphic arts which included print-making, drawing and letterpress type-setting. His experience as an artist/illustrator and keen fine-art photographer, contribute greatly to his original and varied approach to design.

Senior Designer

Yifei Xu is a Senior Graphic Designer originally from Shanghai China. Yifei began her career working for renowned branding & design companies in Shanghai. After her BA in Graphic Design in Newcastle, UK, she completed a MA of design and branding strategy at London Brunel University in 2011. She is currently a Senior Graphic Designer at HBA Graphics. Offering experience in visual graphic design, signage/wayfinding and strategic branding across the multiple HBA projects within Asia. 


Senior Designer

Theng Theng is trained in architecture and possesses a Masters of Architecture degree from the National University of Singapore. Upon graduation, she worked in architecture firms in New York and Shanghai, during which she was involved in projects ranging from master-planning of business school and cultural parks, to interior design of residence, retail and office. Presently, Theng Theng strives to bring a different angle of design perspective to HBA Graphic Studio and to share her design experience with other designers.


Christine has 4 years experience in environmental graphics, user interface design, brand identity, and wayfinding design for several projects in Singapore and Brunei, ranging from museums to hospital, prior to joining HBA in 2015 as Graphic Designer. Upon graduation with Bachelor of Art (Visual Communication Design) degree, Christine interned at a well known advertising agency where she gained experiences in advertising and marketing campaign for international brands. From developing brand identity to user interface design, her work is based on smart strategic thinking and creative problem solving. It's always fresh, informed, and distinctly different.

Senior Designer

Agata worked on a number of significant projects contributing specialized graphic design solutions to wayfinding and signage projects in Europe (Berlin and London) and Australia prior to joining HBA in 2014. Agata is creative thinker who possesses a passion for designing innovative and unique work. Her experience on projects includes print, brand identity and wayfinding as well as interactive projects for screens, devices and spaces. She is constantly engaged in developing and refining the best possible solutions for design problems.

Senior Designer

Jérôme is a french environmental graphic designer with extensive professional experience in the fields of signage and wayfinding. He has worked previously in Paris and London with several internationally recognized offices and architecture companies. He has lead significant projects in the signage industry such as information schemes for city centers, hospitality and museums.

Graphics Director

Marut has a master’s degree in New Media Design in USA and a Bachelor of Communication Design in Thailand. He began his career in some of the global leading advertising agencies where he worked on print materials and marketing campaigns for commercial products. After which he moved across to work on large-scale environmental graphics/way finding signage in international design firms. His experience has encompassed a wide range of projects throughout Asia and Middle East.He is also a regular guest instructor in university in Bangkok. With over 15 years experience and  diverse background, Marut leads the talented HBA graphics team in Bangkok to ensure all aspects of the project design achieve the highest aesthetic and functional standards.


Before joining HBA, Wariya had been trained and worked as an architect. She has extensively gained work experience in environmental graphic design at the firm with various specialties. She has experiences in wayfinding analysis, strategy and system, architectural signing, environmental graphics and visual communications for the building environment for several projects in Thailand ranging from renowned hospitalities projects to small cafés. She is also competent in three-dimensional works, materials and details of signage. She firmly believes that environmental design creates a sense of place with meaning and storytelling with a result of aesthetic visuals to improvise with branding strategy.


Natha is a passionate and ambitious young graphic designer from Bangkok. Having creative parents in the field of environmental graphic and visual communication arts, Natha grew up destined for creativity with fresh and clear concepts. After graduating, Natha went on to work in wayfinding, signage and environmental graphic design for 6 years. She has worked on major signage and wayfinding for department stores in Thailand to international hotels. She has vast experience in this field and continues to learn. Her experience, creativity and strong client relationships have seen projects go from concept to production with great ease.